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Keep Calm and Take A Chill Pill

So much has happened over the past few weeks that I decided I needed to take a break from writing. Instead of documenting my thoughts and feelings about today’s most salient issues, I decided to let them run free by resisting the urge to herd them like cattle on a farm. I think it is important as writers/storytellers/bloggers/sharers/underwater basket weavers that we take time away to recharge. I recall an English professor from college that gave only four writing assignments during the semester, with enormous amounts of time to complete them. She understood the need for her students to step away from their works. I’ve learned to appreciate her view because writing is an art and stepping away helps me gain a fresh perspective, which enables me to create more beautiful works. This rationale may have saved Lena Dunham from becoming Twitter fodder after writing about the "rejection" she faced from Odell Beckham at the Met Gala. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and enjoy time with family, Netflix, or whatever time passing activity that allows you to free your mind. As I prepare to enter the last year of my 20's, my goal is to remember to take time away for myself to recharge. Time away helps me remain in tune with the rhyme of my soul. I challenge you to take a chill pill every now and then and see how your life/work improves. -- BC

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