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Here's the area of my website where I'll get a little more personal. I will share my perspective on today's newsworthy topics and feature life & style commentary. A few days ago I came across the "Question Game" on Facebook, where you provide 4 answers to a series of questions. To help you get to know me better, Here are my answers:

Four names I go by:

1. Bradley 2. Brad Brad 3. Thunder (childhood nickname, please don't refer to me as 4. Brad

Four towns I've lived in: 1. Greenville,NC 2. Ayden,NC 3. Arlington,VA 4. Alexandria,VA

Four things I love to watch on TV: 1. Braxton's Family Values 2. Snapped 3. Orange is The New Black 4. Naked and Afraid

Four places I have been to: 1. Dominican Republic 2. Jamaica 3. San Francisco 4. Miami

Four things I love to eat: 1. Hot Tamales candy 2. French Fries 3. Brussel Sprouts 4. Octopus

Four favorite drinks: 1. Vodka Soda w/ lots of limes (Thanks Sonja Morgan for the idea) 2. Water 3. Tea 4. Seltzer Water

[Shameless "Formation" dance moves in the middle of a shoot]

Thanks for visiting my personal website featuring my very first blog! Stay tuned for more updates. Love you for visiting -- Bradley

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